Society Bird Netting Services

Lot of problems are created by the pigeons and birds others in the society. Large number of birds around terrace, balcony, pipes when are present create lot of unhygienic living conditions for the people living in the society. When birds enter inside the house, they fly around and sit on food and other places which can be very unhygienic.

Residential Bird Netting

Specifications of Society Bird Netting Control

Netting is made of simple material. It is very simple to make. It’s very flexible, lightweight. And low visibility it can be of any structure and shape.Net should be used of very high quality so that it cannot get tear easily. It is knotted not knitted or melded has a breaking strength of 22kg.

Bird netting does not harm any bird it did not kill any bird. It only protects the bird from entering society. Society bird netting control prevents the society from dropping in the pipes, terrace, windows, or balcony. Bird netting is good at aesthetics, it is long-lasting and effectiveness is very long. Bird netting is not easy to apply to society than in a commercial. Bird netting is mostly done in the pine area as there are a lot of pigeons in that area.

Bird netting protects from disease transmission from one area to other, as birds are not able to enter the house, and food is not contaminated. Bird netting is very useful so that it protects the bird from getting harmed and society is also saved.

Why we need Society Bird Netting Solutions

To protect certain areas of the society from bird’ reach Society Bird Netting Solutions can be used. It protects the area from the birds.

  • Bird netting is nets have a mesh size of 1inch to 1 inch.
  • They are generally transparent and invisible.
  • It keeps walls and parking clean. It does not harm the birds.
  • Birds are not killed they just kept away from the society.

When the gap between the building fabrics is greater than 50mm it leads to the entry of pigeons. Pigeons enter in the society as they live on grains and other food material which are easily available in house.

If bird netting are not placed the pigeons make nest in the house. This creates a lot of dirt in the house. And pigeons also die due to fan or some other thing in the house.

There breeding season in between March and July so they generally make nest in the house or in pipes or somewhere in the society that create dirt.



  1. High durability
  2. Accurate dimensions
  3. High strength
  4. Lightweight
  5. Fine finish

UV Stabilized

The nets provided by us are UV stabilized and did not get damaged by harmful UV rays. They even do not break or lose their powerful tensile strength under rigid climatic conditions. The nets can be conveniently used for all sorts of weather conditions.


Light Weight

These are lightweight nets that offer convenient installation and maintenance functionalities. But their light weight does not imply that they cannot withstand troubling birds and intense weather conditions. They can even conveniently stand against heavy storms or such similar situations.

Low Installation and Maintenance cost

Since the nets are prone to much damages, so they do not require the hefty expenditure or complex work for maintenance. Not only the installation, but even overall maintenance of these nets is cost-effective.



The overall construction of these nets is rigid. They are manufactured by chemically compressing high-density polyethylene. So as a result the Nets possess construction structure that is powerful and does not break or get damaged.



Whether you have a small space to protect or an enormous area to secure from bird’s damages, these nets can serve all your requirements with ease. These products can be customized to any size and may fit any space to provide you with enhanced protection from bird damages.

Waterproof and Corrosion Resistance

Presence of premium quality products within these nets make them impart excellent features such as resistance to water, corrosion, and numerous chemicals. Such nets do not rot or corrode and can offer long service life to you.


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