The plan is to get rid of the unwanted birds. So to cover the area from the unwanted bird, bird netting is done. It’s also a form of pest control or we can say residential bird netting control. It usually keeps the bird from reaching a particular area. Bird netting is of many types of bird netting is done in a different form. One of the types is SMALL MESH. It is one of the most common types of bird netting. It is mainly done in an area of 1 to 2 cm square. The material used is polypropylene or woven polyethylene. The most common color used is black it’s used to protect ultraviolet rays. But it can be done in different colors like white, green, etc.

Residential Bird Netting

Specifications of Residential Bird Netting Control

The nets have a mesh a size of 1 inch to 1.5 inches, these are put to protect the area from pigeons. Once it’s installed the birds are kept away till it is installed. These are generally translucent or nearly invisible, that does not mean they put away light or fresh air to enter the house. It only hinders the entrance of pigeon-like birds. These nets are easily washable no expertise is required to clean the net.

These nets are made of tailor-made, easy to install. Usually, people install it at the places where birds cause damages. It can be a really easy and effective way to protect your property.

These residential bird nettings are very cost-effective. With a lesser price, we can get good quality of netting.

Materials used are copolymer nylon, and ultraviolet rays are also protected from this. It is corrosion-proof.

Advantages of Using Residential Bird Solutions

Why do we choose nets and spikes over anything else? It’s mainly used as it maintains the aesthetic as it is mainly invisible. So the aesthetic is maintained. It’s built on 6 sigma compliance. Residential bird solutions are customized solutions with easy setting and use.

There is 100% entrance of light, air, and ventilation. Its very cost effective cheap not much expense is required.

  • Low Cost but highly effective.
  • Not much maintenance is required.
  • Time is saved.

Night-birds like owls, bats are also deterrents to put this in a society is also very easy and time-saving. This only protects birds to enter but it did not harm the birds.


Bird net Nylon Specifications.

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