Balcony Bird Netting

Balcony bird netting is an innovative technique developed to eliminate the existence of undesirable birds within residential areas. This process usually helps in preventing birds from reaching specific areas where control is to be maintained. Small Mesh is one of the most popularly used types of bird netting and is done in an area of about 1 to 2 cm square only. Colors of polypropylene used in the process of tiny mesh range from white to red to green to blue but yet the most commonly used is the black one so as to protect the mesh from ultraviolet rays along with the removal of unwanted birds. This method of reducing destruction caused by birds is becoming popular day by day since it is both human and environment-friendly.



Residential Bird Netting

Specifications of Balcony bird netting

The mesh nets come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1- 1.5 inches. It is to be made sure that birds stay away from the balcony bird netting till the nets are properly installed. The nets are thin and can be washed easily with normal water which reduces maintenance cost to a huge extent. The cost of material may vary from place to place, but it is usually affordable and provides enough assistance. Generally, copolymer nylon is used in the production of this netting equipment so as to equip the nets with UV-rays and corrosion resistance. There may be two main types of mesh nets available which are Nylon or HDPE Garware ones.

Advantages of Balcony bird netting

There are numerous advantages of using Balcony bird netting throughout our residence rather than other methods.  The most crucial perk of a net is that it is rarely visible which lets your home look beautiful along with protection! The cost of setting up a net-protected balcony is very less and easily feasible. Not to forget, netting does not block cross ventilation and light so as to provide a healthy environment. These also prevent the birds from destroying all those little plants at your home which the birds try to attach every now and then. The method of netting does not harm birds as compared to the harsh method of pest control which is comparatively expensive and time-consuming. The balcony bird netting is lightweight and odorless as well.  This incredibly creative method requires negligible maintenance and contributes best to society as it is eco-friendly in all ways.


Bird net Nylon Specifications.

The balcony bird netting is made from Nylon has a size of generally 1.5 inches* 1.5 inches. It is not visible at all. The thickness of the same is approximated to be 0.8 millimeters. These are bad weather resistant and are quite dormant towards chemicals. They have a breaking strength of around 23 kg for every yarn. These nets have a non-feasible melting point of 230 to 260 degrees Celsius. They do not injure birds at all.


Bird Net HDPE GARWARE Specifications.

The HDPE Garware bird nets come in a size variant of 1.5*1.5*1*1 inch. These nets are also U.V rays resistant, not reactive to chemicals, and are weather-resistant too. These nets have a comparatively lesser breaking strength of about 16.3 kg per yarn precisely.