We are the leading firm of Corporate Bird Netting and Industrial Bird Netting that’s employed within the market due to their high quality and longer life.


Sturdy and Long-lasting

The bird proofing solution supplied by us is made with optimum quality HDPE that is chemically compressed with the use of hi-end machines. It, therefore, possesses a rigid structure that is unbreakable, strong, and long-living.


Flexible and Convertible

Despite holding the robust structure the bird netting is exceedingly flexible. It can be stretched too long distances with ease, and hence are ideal to cover and protect large ponds and farms. Moreover, its mesh size, length, color, and pattern can be converted on requests.


Pigeon Protection Netting Features

  1. Fire resistant
  2. Good strength
  3. Rigid & light weight
  4. Long life
  5. Low prices

UV stabilized, and Waterproof

Another remarkable feature of the pigeon nets is that they offer complete protection from damages caused by UV rays. The Nets are waterproof and consequently hold great resistance to corrosion or meeting any other kind of destruction.

Low Maintenance

The simple and sturdy structure of the nets makes them very easy to install and affordable to maintain. You don’t have to spend tons of money once you get these nets fitted.


Industrial Bird Netting Services in Pune

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