Imagine a world without railings: All the Stairs, Balcony, Porch, Decks, without a railing! How empty would they all look? How dangerous would they become?

Although we don’t realize or pay much attention to Railings, they actually are a big part of our daily life.

We all love to enjoy some Cool Breeze leaning on the railings. They become one of the biggest safety measures if you have a toddler in your home.

And not only for safety measures but, railings also do complete the look of your house, office, college, or any building for that matter.

Be it your home or The Great Canyon railings are important. A world without Railings would be a Nightmare. Don’t you think?

Advantages of Railing

We often overlook it but, don’t ever underestimate the fact that railings are extremely important. Be it the Stairway or Deck or your Porch of course Railing adds a lot of beauty to your home but, the primary purpose of every Railing should be safety.

The Most Important Benefits of Railing

-To keep the balance – When you lose balance on staircase or platform you always look for railings to hold onto. People with muscle weakness cling to the railings for support. Railings ensure stability especially to the people with physical disabilities, Railings works as a support system.

-Prevent from falling – Railings are an important safety measure whether it is small kids, pets or unaware adults, Railing becomes a barrier in your free fall.

-Peace of mind and comfort – For the people who suffer from Vertigo or the fear of heights railings results as a huge relief measure. They ensure them that their surrounding is safe and secure.

-To carry heavy items – Don’t you hold Railings when you climb upstairs with heavy loads? Yes, Railings makes your journey a little less hard. You can carry items without losing balance due to railings.


Just an installation of railing on your porch, deck or staircase is not enough, You also need to make sure that these railings are strong and safe according to the placements. They work as a primary safety measure do it’s important to choose what where and how whenever you fix a railing.

Material and Size of Railings

Depends upon the place they are being installed to whether it is a residential building or a commercial one if it’s a staircase or porch railing depends upon the placements because railings at different places perform different functions.

Size of the Railing

 The average height of a railing is 30 inches from the bottom but again, if you are a family of relatively taller people you might need bigger Railings. It depends up to you the size of railings you need. But we suggest you go for the average size so you don’t fall if you lean on it.

Material of the Railings

Make sure that the Material you use if wise enough.If your railing is going to be exposed in out then, don’t opt for Wooden Railing. The constant Sun and Rain might wither the wood fast.

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