Keep Pest Birds OUT with Bird Netting!

Bird netting is a 100% effective, low-profile, and long-lasting solution against pest bird infestation. Install bird netting to get rid of barn swallows, pigeons & more! The application will provide protection of valuable areas where products, crops, and other property must be kept safe.
Many facilities have semi-enclosed spaces & large open areas that invite pest bird roosting, perching, and nesting. Anti bird netting is ideal for zero-tolerance zones – providing a bird deterrent protective barrier that completely excludes the pests from your property!

Use bird netting here

Bird net is ideal for zero-tolerance areas. Anti bird netting can be used to block pest bird roosting in many applications:

  • Warehouse ceilings, eaves and rafters
  • Gardens & crops
  • Bridges and underpasses
  • Architectural details
  • Stadiums & stands
  • Homes & covered porches

How bird netting works

Bird net creates a physical barrier. It is an effective bird deterrent because it prevents pest birds from entering areas where they are uninvited and unwelcomed.

  • 100% effective everywhere they are installed
  • Discreet—barely visible from a distance, silent & require no power supply

Success Strategy

Bird-X works closely with professional installers and pest control operators on netting projects of all sizes. We understand the urgent and competitive nature of the industry, and we’re here to help. From initial bidding support to installation instructions and custom consultations, our Bird-X experts assist you promptly with expert advice and information.

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