Bird Netting- New And Improved Modern Scarecrow

Bird netting often also referred to as anti-bird netting is a net that is used to keep birds away from certain areas. It is a harmless version of pest control for birds used for protecting crops or buildings or ponds etc. if provides better harvest and maintains the aesthetics of a building. Most importantly bird droppings are painful to clean and even if it stays for a while it starts to breed bacteria and germs. Respiratory diseases and fevers due to birds have seen a high rise in the past few years. This is why residential and industrial bird netting is equally important to maintain.

The Multi Purposes Of Bird/Pigeon Netting

Birds have a habit of pecking on fruits and crops if they are in the open. Preventing them is an exhausting task and old-school methods like scarecrows are not always effective. Birds contaminate the crops after pecking on them after which they cannot be sold resulting in loss of harvest. Also if they are sold by chance they may result in spreading disease. Therefore bird netting is the ideal solution here; it directly applied to the crops and trees and protects them without harming their growth.

In the same way, bird nets are also draped over fish ponds or reservoirs of aquatic animals in wildlife sanctuaries to prevent predator birds from attacking small fishes or dirtying the pond and its banks. On the contrary in mining ponds, anti-bird netting measures are taken to protect the birds. This is because chemicals and harmful substances are often used in the extraction of mines and birds that come in contact with these harmful substances may carry them off to other areas when they migrate. Moreover, it is also harmful to the birds to ingest these chemicals it may kill them or make them sick.

Industrial Bird Netting

This is most vital because the large open spaces and unkempt corners of industries provide the perfect places for birds like pigeons and sparrows to make nests and breed. This may hinder the look and appeal of the place and leave a dismal impression on clients and business partners visiting the premises. Pigeon netting counters these problems in an economic and hassle-free manner. Also, they are usually white or transparent which does not ruin the aesthetic approach of the industry to the outside eye. All the risks that industries may encounter like fire hazards or break and tear of nets due to certain heavy lifting are taken into consideration while building the nets. Therefore they have rigidity, tensile strength, fire resistance and durability.

The Features And Specifics

Bird proofing solutions like nets and spikes are effective long lasting and can be implemented without much effort. They hardly have any maintenance post installation. They are UV and, therefore, rain and sun will not have any adverse effect on them. It is also better than steel and aluminium nets because it allows air and sun to pass through and also becomes much cheaper. In addition, it is easier to carry and transport for it can be rolled in lumps or square folded. You can get various shapes and sizes according to the area needed to be covered. The most common size is a 1-2cm sq. small mesh but they can also be custom made for clients.

It is important to note that birds and animals are equally important as human beings and these measures take that into account. Bird netting as a bird proofing solution is most considerate as it is ecological as well and makes no harm to the birds. They are also protected in the act of protecting customers.


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