Window Ledges

Have you ever noticed a small horizontal base on your window? These bases are known as ledges.

How much do you enjoy a cup of coffee on rainy days near the window ledge? It exists with almost every window you see. They can be the same size or larger than the frame of the window. They add beauty to your window as well as your interior.

These Window Ledges come from ancient times. They were used as an extra set of Racks to place items upon. But as the time passed they became a piece of rock that nobody knows about.

Nowadays, people pay special attention to the window ledges. Their material or size that best fits with the interior of the home is properly analyzed. They play a vital role in the decor of your home interior. But, why are they so important? Let’s See

Benefits of Window Ledges

 It keeps the rain and snow out –

Window Ledges eliminates the chances of rain and snow making their way into the room. You see the tiny drops of water that run through the window shield? Window Ledges play an important role in keeping them from falling on the floor. They never seemed so important. Right?

Adds strength to the window –

Window sills / Window Ledges adds strength to the window frame. They not only eliminate the flexing of Window frames but also adds life to the Window. A good window ledge if strong enough can hold a window frame even if it’s not strong enough.

Adds Beauty to your home –

An interior designer nowadays pays special attention to the windows ledges. They form an integral and important part of the house architecture. Window ledges add a lot of beauty to your home.

You can use them for several purposes like Seasonal Decorations, you can keep small pots of small plants and Herbs on them, you can create a creative corner with photos on them. Or you can just use them to have some alone time like reading books or having a cup of coffee.


While making a window ledge choosing the right material is one of the most important factors.This material defines the strength and life of your Windows. Also choosing a material that best fits with your interior is Important.

Choosing the Right material

Wood – Wood seems like a good idea for window ledges as it is used in several other places of the house as well. But wood cannot be a reliable option as they are not prone to water damage.

 Metal – Metal although is prone to water damage and also seems like a strong material for making window ledges but the noises that are made of metal during rainfall isn’t pleasing.

Stone Sills

Marble Sills are the most reliable option to make Window Ledges as they are the most strong, durable. They cut and fit according to the needs of your window and also comes in different colors.


They seem like a good option but they do not always go according to the interior of the house.

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