Building Duct Shaft Bird Netting

We believe that the primary source of the many allergies arising in our body is due to the transfer of pollen from one locality to the other by the birds. Hunting down birds is too far an extreme measure, but preventing them from coming close to our households, that is an achievable one. For this sole purpose, we encourage the use of “building duct shaft bird netting“. Bird netting is a progressive method of restricting the entry of birds into the vicinity of a specified locale. Bird netting is available in ample forms and types.

The most common one used is the “small mesh”. It is made from a thermoplastic polymer, polypropylene widely preferred due to its mechanically rugged nature and inertness towards most acids and bases. The Building Duct Shaft Bird Netting is available to us in a varying palette of colors but black is the most prominent one as it also helps in protecting the property from the harmful Ultra Violet rays from the Sun.

Advantages of Using Duct Shaft Bird Netting

The bird netting solution, since it is transparent, and made with significantly small wire mesh, tend to blend in with the fascia of our buildings and locality, thus keeping the comely nature of the neighborhood. This Building Duct Shaft Bird Netting solution is built on the “Six Sigma Compliance” which has proved to be the driving force behind its success. Owing to the fact that the nets are completely transparent, there is no blockage of natural light, ventilation is not hindered and also is providing a one hundred percent isolation from the birds.

These Building Duct Shaft Bird Netting are competitively cheaper by other methods and are far more effective. Installation and setup is not a tedious task and is time-saving. The nets are also self-sufficient and self-maintainable. On the account of using these bird nettings, we are not causing any harm to the birds, but just keeping them away in a humane manner.

Specifications of the Product

These Building Duct Shaft Bird Netting systems are used to prevent a great variety of birds from disrupting the activities of our land, and for each species, a certain specification of the net is to be used. The specification of the netting is measured in terms of inches and iscalled as “gauge”. The need of knowing the different gauges is to determine the hole size available and to conclude if these hole sizes are small enough to physically resist the entry of the particular bird into the area.

Properties of Nylon

It has better weathering properties and is sunlight resistant, has an extremely high melting point, thus feasible under ambient temperatures where it is not harmed. It is corrosion as well as abrasion resistant.The durability and ductility of Nylon is also very high.

Specification of Nylon Netting

There is a Square mesh of size 1.5-inch x 1.5-inch.

The thickness of the net is about 0.8mm.

It is U.V. stabilized, chemically inert as well as weather- proof.

It has a breaking strength of 23 kg per yarn.

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