AC Compressor

If you stop and really think about it; how would a world be without air conditioners? They are the best example of how amazing Science can be. A continuous process goes on, takes the heat of your room and releases it outside. And meanwhile, fills your room with cool Breeze.

How is this made possible? Don’t worry. We are not learning about the science behind air conditioners.

The basic component which makes this process happen is- the air conditioner compressor! The air conditioner consists of three primary parts that cover the cooling process of air conditioning/cooling; The Evaporator, Condenser and Ac Compressor.

The main component of an air conditioner is its compressor because it acts as the middleman between the two- the evaporator inside your home and the Condenser outside your home.

Advantages of Air Conditioner Compressor

AC compressor is the heart of the cooling cycle. The compressor draws in the cool low-pressure air from the Indoor it processes it by compressing it, due to which the temperature and heat of that air is increased. Now this high pressure and temperature heat is released outside.

Why Compressing the Air is so Important?

The air travel is always from a higher pressure region to a lower pressure one. If the air outside your home is less in temperature than the air in the compressor, it will not be released. To make this happen compressor exists. There runs a coil in which air is trapped. This coil runs around the outside of your house. When the air is released outside this coil cools down and this process continues.

Increases the Efficiency of your AC

You might have seen a compressor outside your house. These little machines define the efficiency and durability of your Air Conditioner. If your room is big enough, you need a compressor which has a strong coiling system so that it is able to fill the whole room with chilled air.


There are a number of factors that affect the cooling process of an air conditioner compressor. Air compressor comes in a number of variants that works according to the needs like, Size of the Room, Space in the room or Area where you reside and the weather there.

Easy to Maintain

The best thing about Air Compressor is that they aren’t high maintenance. Defects can easily be spotted in them and can be fixed easily.

Cheap in Price

This heart and soul of Air Conditioner isn’t half the price of Air Conditioner. It’s a lot cheaper than that.

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